MoneyLion Introduces First-Ever NIL Team

The team of eight student-athletes will work with MoneyLion to empower the next generation with financial literacy skills

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- MoneyLion Inc. (“MoneyLion”) (NYSE: ML), a one-stop destination for personalized financial content, products and advice, announced its inaugural MoneyLion NIL Team today. The team features a diverse roster of eight student-athletes from across the country, representing multiple sports, and seeks to teach the next generation of student-athletes, college students and fans how to money. The MoneyLion NIL Team consists of individuals who actively applied to join the program or were recruited based on their interest in financial literacy. As part of their involvement with MoneyLion, each athlete will take part in financial education, create content on behalf of the brand and attend branded events, among other opportunities.

The first class of the MoneyLion NIL Team includes:

  • Armando Bacot - University of North Carolina Men’s Basketball
  • Azzi Fudd - University of Connecticut Women’s Basketball
  • Brenden Rice - University of Southern California Men’s Football
  • Ellie Sutter - University of Nevada Cheer
  • Jalynn Holmes - Temple University Women's Basketball
  • Kaleb Alva - Pennsylvania State University Men’s Soccer
  • Liz Gregorski - University of Wisconsin Women’s Volleyball
  • Miyan Williams - Ohio State University Men’s Football

Nobody wants to talk about money, but everyone is talking about how these NIL athletes are getting paid. Let’s flip the script.” said Jeff Frommer, Chief Content Officer at MoneyLion. “This team of next generation athletes will empower their fans and peers to take control of their financial futures with money hacking skills that are simply not taught in the classroom.

This class of MoneyLion athletes will be sharing the foundational money skills and advice they find inside the MoneyLion app’s content feed and financial literacy tools. Through MoneyLion’s existing sports partnerships and its media division’s network of shows, the MoneyLion NIL Team will be plugged into educational and entertaining experiences that will also bring MoneyLion fans into the culture of money. The MoneyLion NIL Team will also be provided with special access to VIP events, webinars led by professional athletes and unique opportunities such as appearing as a guest on Showtime’s top sports podcast, “All the Smoke”, giving the student-athletes one of the biggest platforms in the sports podcasting world to help amplify the financial literacy conversation.

I’m proud to be part of the first ever MoneyLion NIL Team and I’m already learning new things like how to invest and improve credit scores,” said basketball player Azzi Fudd at UConn. “These are skills that will serve me for the rest of my life. I work hard for my money and MoneyLion works harder for me, it's the only money app I’ll ever need.”

The launch of the MoneyLion NIL Team furthers MoneyLion’s commitment to rewiring the financial system and comes on the heels of MoneyLion’s launch of MoneyLion University, a groundbreaking, innovative financial literacy initiative aimed at filling the gap in money education across the United States. The introduction of the MoneyLion NIL Team is the latest way MoneyLion is helping to transform and modernize how students - and beyond - are taught to make smart decisions with their money by creating an engaging environment for these players and their fans on the MoneyLion mobile app.

The announcement also marks the next phase of the MoneyLion x INFLCR partnership, which kicked off in September. INFLCR, the leading brand and NIL-business-building software platform helping student-athletes stay compliant with new NCAA Name, Image, and Likeness (“NIL”) regulations, partnered with MoneyLion to teach the next generation of student-athletes, college students and fans “how to money” in a way that is approachable and fun.

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